Fake it til you make it

I just really don’t understand people. So last night, my roommate and I go out with a bunch of friends. She starts bugging me pretty early on about leaving. I’m having a good time. She agrees to stay out a little later, not because she wants to or doesn’t want to leave without me, but because she wants our host mom to think we were out as late as possible. Because our host mom thinks we don’t go out that often. Probably because we don’t. Mostly because my roommate makes decisions about whether or not she wants to go out based on what her one friend, who hates to go out, wants to do. So it ends up being a pretty late night for us. She wakes up this morning tired and with a cold. Tomorrow night, we are traveling, and it’s a long journey. So sleep beforehand is necessary. Especially if you’re sick. All day she talks about how she wants to do nothing, she doesn’t want to go out, she just wants to sleep. But suddenly, when our host mom ask if we’re going out, she starts talking about the plans she has to pregame and then go to a club. So much for not going out. And the thing is, she’ll go. But just like last night, she’ll have fun for half an hour and then stand there looking miserable the rest of the time, looking at her watch until she deems the hour late enough to go home. Not me. I said I would rather sleep and I stand by that. Yeah, I don’t go out a lot. You know why? I don’t really love clubbing. Last time I checked, that’s not a crime. Occasionally a night on the town is great. But generally, I prefer a casual drink. If you don’t like that about me, then fine. But I am certainly not going to make myself miserable trying to convince people that I fit their definition of “fun” or “cool”. Because, honey, you’re fooling no one. And in the end, no one actually cares. Stop being so damn fake, and then maybe people will like you for who you are instead of judging you for what you’re not. My roommate feels “obligated” to go out. By who? And why? By your friends? Because if they’re really your friends, they shouldn’t make you do anything you want to do. By society? Don’t even get me started on that one. There is absolutely no obligation here, except for what exists in her mind. You do you. And that’s all there is to it.


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