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Love: Half-price

I don’t really believe in Valentine’s Day. I guess the red heart socks that I wore yesterday might make me look like a hypocrite. And it’s not that I don’t believe in love. Because I definitely do, and I’m even lucky enough to be in love at the moment. And it’s not even that I don’t do anything for my special someone. We each give a little treat or spend some extra time together.

But here’s where I get stuck. We do those little things for each other on other days. You shouldn’t need a national holiday to show the people you care about how much you love them. I saw a stat about the billions of dollars that are spent on cards, flowers, chocolates, and jewelry for that “one special day”. Being the cynic I am, my mind automatically jumped to the idea of bought love.

You can see it even in the way that men and women (I know, not everyone thinks this way, yadda yadda. I’m generalizing because it applies to a heck of a lot of people) treat the holiday. Men begrudgingly handing over a credit card to pay for the flowers that their wives/girlfriends/etc so sweetly reminded them to get, either in subtle hints for weeks or flat out demands.

One day a year, couples are reminded to rekindle their love. But why should they need reminded? Why has the flame gone down so much anyway? Shouldn’t you be with someone who makes you want to love them everyday? There’s no need for a grand romantic gesture to save your ass if you do the dishes when you’re done cooking or write your SO a note every once in a while.

I am against Valentine’s Day. I am not against love. In fact, I am for loving like every day is Valentine’s Day. So maybe I’m for it after all.

Go tell someone you love them right now. Use words or actions. Tell you SO or your mom or even your dog. Don’t let your love be the half-priced chocolate that goes on sale as soon as VDay is over. You’re worth more than that.